Renal transplant fibrosis at ONE month post transplantation is a significant indicator of graft survival at one year post transplantation

W. Ismail, M. Aswad, S. Hosgood, M. Nicholson
2016 International Journal of Surgery  
Results: The FTM tremor scores at 6-months and 1-year showed statistically significant reduction in both conventional and DTI-guided groups. (P<0.05) The DTI-guided group showed statistically significant improvement of tremor control, compared with conventional group in 1 year. (P<0.05) The x, y and z co-ordinates in both groups showed comparable mean values. (P>0.05). Conclusions: DTI-guided DBS improves upper limb tremor control with comparable result of active electrode positioning. DTI may
more » ... sitioning. DTI may be considered as a future radiological guidance to improve long-term therapeutic effect. http://dx.Introduction: Platelet-Rich-Plasma(PRP) contains and releases a high concentration of activated platelet derived growth factors which is believed to stimulate the body's natural healing response in areas of inflamed tissue. PRP injections are used in many tendinopathies and inflammatory conditions,but there is a lack of clinical studies and trials in the treatment of trochanteric pain.We investigated whether PRP injections improve symptoms of resistant trochanteric pain. Methods: The prospective study included 88 patients with trochanteric bursitis resistant to steroid therapy and physiotherapy.PRP was prepared using a standardised technique.Patient demographics were documented. Pain scores(0-10),EQ-5D Health Domain,Utility and VAS scores,Hip Disability and Osteoarthritis Outcome Scores(HOOS) were recorded pre and post PRP injection. Results: The mean age was 60(27-83),male to female ratio 1:4 and BMI 26(20-35).Duration of symptoms ranged from 3-120months.20% of patients reported moderate and 78% severe symptoms.Pain scores decreased from 8.1 pre-injection to 4.6 post-injection(p<0.0001).69% of patients had a successful outcome(Excellent/good/satisfactory).Both EQ-5D Utility and EQ-5D VAS scores improved after the PRP injection (p<0.001)as did HOOS scores(p<0.01). Conclusions: This is the largest clinical study into PRP for treatment of trochanteric pain.We have shown promising results and good outcomes in both subjective and objective scoring.PRP injections should be considered in the management of this condition.
doi:10.1016/j.ijsu.2016.08.047 fatcat:466i5sdxlfck5kdnj6pftj27ju