Double NURBS trajectory generation and synchronous interpolation for five-axis machining based on dual quaternion algorithm

Jun Zhang, Liqiang Zhang, Kai Zhang, Jian Mao
2015 The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology  
An equidistant double NURBS tool paths (EDNTP) fairing method satisfying the given fitting accuracy is proposed for the linear tool path in work coordinate system (WCS). By utilizing dual-quaternion to describe five-axis tool posture, the linear tool path in WCS is fitted with dualquaternion B-spline vector function in order to obtain the equidistant double NURBS curves P and Q describing the coordinate points of tool tip and tool axis, respectively. Then, due to the different parameters of the
more » ... two curves, a parameter synchronization interpolation model based on EDNTP is presented to realize synchronous motion of the two NURBS curve parameters during the interpolation process. The threeaxis machining NURBS curve interpolation algorithm is utilized to interpolate the tool tip points NURBS curve of EDNTP for five-axis machining. In terms of parameter synchronization model, interpolation algorithm can be mapped to NURBS curve of tool axis points. Simulation and experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can generate G 2 continuous EDNTP satisfying the given fitting accuracy and make the tool interpolate synchronously with the constant cutter length along the EDNTP during the interpolation process and achieve high machining precision which is mainly concentrated on the 10 −6 mm series.
doi:10.1007/s00170-015-7723-9 fatcat:oomhmpunozcbziikjoby6mwju4