AB0167 Calcium influx kinetics and the characteristics of potassium channels in peripheral t lymphocytes in systemic sclerosis

N Legány, G Toldi, I Ocsovszki, L Kovács, A Balog
2017 Abstracts Accepted for Publication   unpublished
Objectives: To investigate the effect of macrophage conditioned media on fibroblast activation. Methods: PBMC-derived macrophages from healthy control (n=3 females, mean age 50.8±21.9 years) and diffuse scleroderma (n=4 females, mean age 54.8±15.7 years, mean disease duration 73.2±90.3 months, 2 with antiScl70 and 2 with antiRNA polymerase antibodies) individuals were cultured in RPMI/10% FBS/M-CSF (4ng/ml)/P/S, quiesced in media with 1% BSA replacing the FBS, and left untreated (M0) or treated
more » ... ted (M0) or treated with IL-6 (50ng/ml, M (IL-6)) for 24 hours. The cultures were replaced with fresh media and collected after 24 hours. Conditioned media were applied to healthy control skin fibroblasts (24 hours) and fibroblast expression of fibrotic proteins was assessed by Western Blot, using β-tublin and TBP as loading controls. As control, fibroblasts from healthy volunteers were left untreated by culturing in non-conditioned media (fresh RPMI/ 1% BSA/M-CSF (4ng/ml)/P/S).
doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2017-eular.5310 fatcat:lpojhpt3qfh4pdyymbrggubzvu