The Effect Of Cytokinins On Micropropagation Success Of Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum L.)

Orsolya BORSAI, Monica HÂRȚA, Doru PAMFIL, Doina CLAPA
2019 Agricultura  
The aim of this work was to determine the effect of zeatin (Z), dihydrozeatin (DHZ) and 2-isopentenyl-adenine (2 iP) on shoot length and proliferation rate (PR) in three Vaccinium corymbosum L. cultivars: 'Blueray', 'Duke' and 'Patriot'. The culture medium used in this research was prepared from stock solution: Woody Plant Medium (WPM) supplemented with 5 mg/l2iP, 0.25 mg/l Z, 0.5 mg/lZ, 0.25 mg/l dihydrozeatin (DHZ), 0.5 mg/l DHZ and a combination of 0.5 mg/lZ + 0.25 mg/l DHZ. The results show
more » ... Z. The results show that the lowest PR (1.26±0.03) was recorded in 'Duke' on the medium containing 0.25 mg/l DHZ, while the highest PR (4.26±0.10) of this variety was recorded on the medium supplemented with a combination of 0.5 mg/l zeatin and 0.25 mg/lDHZ. The highest average length of the shoots (3.82±0.07) recorded was also on this medium. Among the treatments, the highest PR (3.66±0.07) induced by a single cytokinin was obtained on WPM+5 mg/l2iP. Similar results were obtained in 'Blueray' undergoing the same treatment with hormone combinations (0.5 mg/l zeatin and 0.25 mg/lDHZ); the highest PR recorded was 4.1±0.23. On the contrary, 'Patriot' showed the highest proliferation rate (5.06±0.11) on the medium supplemented with 5 mg/l 2iP, but the average length of the shoots was slightly lower (4.21%) than that on the medium with hormone combinations.
doi:10.15835/agrisp.v111i3-4.13546 doaj:db200c47054943969db54d7cd6f33386 fatcat:5yoa2poj4re2ld4wz4lmbjwefa