Computer Based Management Information System towards Employee Performance in Indonesian National Police Educational Headquarters Bandung

Ridwan Nur Arifin, GW Wulandari Sianipar, Aan Komariah
2019 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Research of Educational Administration and Management (ICREAM 2018)   unpublished
This research is entitled "The Contribution of Computer Based Management Information System to Employee Performance at the Indonesian National Police Educational Headquarters". The problem discussed on how much the influence the computer-based management information system has on employee performance. In general, the research objective to be achieved by the author is to find out an overview of information systems on computer-based management of employee performance at the National Police
more » ... onal Education Headquarters in Bandung. The method used in this study is descriptive mode with a quantitative approach. Data collection techniques used closed questionnaires and respondents were employees who numbered 83 people as research samples. The results of the general trend calculation used the Weighted Means Score (WMS) indicate that the computer-based management information system is in the very good category with an average score of 3.23 and the performance of employees is also very good with an average score of 3.27. The results of the normality test showed that the X and Y variables were normally distributed, and then the data analysis used parametric statistics. Analysis of the correlation between variables X to Y is 0.697, that means that the two variables at the level of a strong relationship and there is a positive correlation. The test results of the significance of the correlation with the t-test on the variable X to Y obtained by Tcount > of Ttable (8.8738 > 1.98) which means that the correlation coefficient found is significant (can be applied to the population where the sample was taken). Correlation analysis can be continued by calculating the coefficient of determination. The coefficient of determination test results that the variable X gives an effect on the Y variable of 48.5% while the remaining 51.5% is influenced by other factors. Based on the results of this study, it can be concluded that there is a positive and significant relationship between computer-based management information systems on employee performance at the National Police Educational Education Office in Bandung.
doi:10.2991/icream-18.2019.8 fatcat:72doovgxxzbhlo6qztfkneyhty