Paving Spin-Wave Fibers in Magnonic Nanocircuits Using Spin-Orbit Torque

Xiangjun Xing, Philip W. T. Pong, J. Åkerman, Yan Zhou
2017 Physical Review Applied  
Recent studies have revealed that domain walls in magnetic nanostructures can serve as compact, energy-efficient spin-wave waveguides for building magnonic devices that are considered promising candidates for overcoming the challenges and bottlenecks of today's CMOS technologies. However, imprinting long strip-domain walls into magnetic nanowires remains a challenge, especially in curved geometries. Here, through micromagnetic simulations, we present a method for writing strip-domain walls into
more » ... curved magnetic nanowires using spin-orbit torque. We employ Y-shaped magnetic nanostructures as well as an S-shaped magnetic nanowire to demonstrate the injection process. In addition, we verify that the Y-shaped nanostructures that incorporate strip-domain walls can function as superior spin-wave multiplexers, and that spin-wave propagation along each conduit can be controllably manipulated. This spin-wave multiplexer based on strip-domain walls is expected to become a key signal-processing component in magnon spintronics.
doi:10.1103/physrevapplied.7.054016 fatcat:nkn5lucwhbfmla6trfljckfkxa