Synthesis of Au2S and Au2S3 using H2S, short-chain and ring-structured sulfur as sulfur sources [unknown]

F.E. Senftle, D.B. Wright
1986 Antarctica A Keystone in a Changing World   unpublished
To determine which of the two known gold sulfides (containing either mono-or trivalent gold) are formed by reacting trivalent gold with different allotropes of sulfur, experiments were made using three different sources of sulfur. When trivalent gold in the form of Au 2 (SO.) 3 in concentrated acid is reacted with electrolytically formed short-chain sulfur, monovalent gold sulfide is formed. If hydrogen sulfide gas reacts with the same solution, trivalent gold as Au 2 S 3 is produced.
more » ... ely, if ordinary a-sulfur (ring structure) is used, a 50/50 mixture of Au 2S and Au 2 S 3 is formed. A mechanistic set of reaction steps is proposed to explain each reaction. The speculative model supports the short-chain structure of the sulfur produced by electrolysis. The synthesis procedure for the two gold sulfides is substantially simpler than previously reported methods of preparation.
doi:10.3133/ofr86179 fatcat:lwiftmjx2zdwhcfmhrmktgcpsa