Excretion of P-Nitrophenol and p-Aminophenol in the Urine of a Patient Exposed to Nitrobenzene

M. Ikeda, A. Kita
1964 Occupational and Environmental Medicine  
An account is given of a patient who had had chronic exposure to nitrobenzene and in whom the metabolites,p-nitrophenol andp-aminophenol, were present in the urine. A method of separative determination of these two substances in urine is described. A 47-year-old woman, after being exposed to nitrobenzene for 17 months, was admitted to hospital because of headache, nausea, cyanosis, and general weakness. Laboratory study revealed, in addition to methaemoglobinaemia, the presence of p-aminophenol
more » ... as well as p-nitrophenol in the urine. Both compounds gradually disappeared from the urine during the two weeks after she was removed from the toxic agent. The fate of methaemoglobinaemia paralleled that of these two compounds. Case Report A 47-year-old woman had been employed for 17 months in a small paint firm where she painted and
doi:10.1136/oem.21.3.210 fatcat:xpilswffpvfvrcqswqx3ras6yi