Graphene composites with hydrogel
Kompoziti grafena sa hidrogelom

Zorica Eraković
2022 Advanced technologies  
Composites are multiphase materials consisting of two or more different materials with different properties that are firmly bound to each other on the surface. As new nanomaterials, graphene and graphene oxide are particularly interesting due to their ability to form composites and nanocomposites with hydrogels. Graphene has attracted a lot of attention. Hydrogels are materials that have a three-dimensional structure, capable of absorbing a large amount of surrounding fluid without dissolving.
more » ... timuli-sensitive hydrogels can change a physical property in response to external stimuli. Hydrogels based on monomers such as N, N-diethylacrylamide, and N-(2-hydroxyethyl) acrylamide exhibit great scientific and technological importance. They have found application in the paint and varnish industry, the pharmaceutical , cosmetic, food industry, agro-industry, and textile industries. Previous research has proven that graphene significantly boosts the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of hydrogels. Hydrogelcomposites with graphene have a porous structure. The paper represents a literature overview of methods for the synthesis and characterization of synthesized hydrogels and hydrogel composites with graphene and graphene oxide.
doi:10.5937/savteh2201053e fatcat:pdlriwdub5b2hjcw4y2m4ekwby