Cutoff effects in twisted mass lattice QCD

ALPHA Collaboration, Michele Della Morte, Roberto Frezzotti, Jochen Heitger, Stefan Sint
2001 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We present a first numerical study of lattice QCD with O(a) improved Wilson quarks and a chirally twisted mass term. Renormalized correlation functions are derived from the Schrödinger functional and evaluated in an intermediate space-time volume of size 0.75 3 × 1.5 fm 4 . In the quenched approximation precise results are then obtained with a moderate computational effort, allowing for a detailed study of the continuum approach. The latter is discussed in terms of observables which converge to
more » ... meson masses and decay constants in the limit of large space-time volume. In the O(a) improved theory we find residual cutoff effects to be at the level of a few percents at a 0.1 fm.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2001/10/041 fatcat:w7cuyjjmvzgaxcs5c7567znore