Applications of IoT in Smart Grids Using Demand Respond for Minimizing On-peak Load

Amira Hassan Abed, Mona Nasr, Laila Abd Elhamid, Laila El-Fangary
2021 Zenodo  
Increased on-peak loads requests have gotten quite possibly the most difficult issues addressed by numerous electric utilities and governments. Electricity power outages in developing nations are an everyday reality because of expanded economic activities. Consequently, traditional electric grids are being changed into smart grids (SGs) to address such issue of on-peak loads events. SGs enable "bi-directional" electricity and data flow between electric utilities and end-uses, and utilize
more » ... nt gadgets deployed at power plants, distribution centers and in customers' buildings for checking and control the grid functions. Consequently, a SG requires automation, tracking and connectivity of such gadgets. This is accomplished via the applications of Internet of Things (IoT). IoT supports different functions of SG frameworks through the generation, transmission and utilization of energy by deploying IoT gadgets (like sensors), just as by giving the connectivity, computerization and tracking for such gadgets. In this paper, we present a comprehensive overview on IoT helped SG frameworks, which incorporates the current models, applications and models of SG - based IoT frameworks. This overview likewise features the roles of demand response (DR) programs and fog computing paradigm needed for SG-based IoT systems. keywords: Internet of Things (IoT)- information & communication technology (ICT)- on-peak loads - peak loads reduction- smart grid (SG)- IoT in SG - demand response (DR)- fog computing (FC).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5521229 fatcat:2hsj6hb7x5givf5fen5plgwaqi