Microscopic mechanism for self-organized quasiperiodicity in random networks of nonlinear oscillators

Raffaella Burioni, Serena di Santo, Matteo di Volo, Alessandro Vezzani
2014 Physical Review E  
Self-organized quasi periodicity is one of the most puzzling dynamical phases observed in systems of non linear coupled oscillators. The single dynamical units are not locked to the periodic mean field they produce, but they still feature a coherent behavior, through an unexplained complex form of correlation. We consider a class of leaky integrate-and-fire oscillators on random sparse and massive networks with dynamical synapses, featuring self-organized quasi periodicity, and we show how
more » ... ex collective oscillations arise from constructive interference of microscopic dynamics. In particular, we find a simple quantitative relationship between two relevant microscopic dynamical time scales and the macroscopic time scale of the global signal. We show that the proposed relation is a general property of collective oscillations, common to all the partially synchronous dynamical phases analyzed. We argue that an analogous mechanism could be at the origin of similar network dynamics.
doi:10.1103/physreve.90.042918 pmid:25375578 fatcat:e5nxrnuae5dhvilchdhcnccnkm