S(b)-tree library: An efficient way of indexing data [chapter]

Konstantin Shvachko
1999 External Memory Algorithms  
We present a library for maintaining external dynamic dictionaries with variable length keys. A new type of balanced trees, called S(b)-trees, is introduced which contrary to the well-known B-trees provide optimal packing of keys of variable length, while the data access time remains logarithmic, the same as for B-trees. S(b)-trees are implemented as a stand-alone library. The library functionality includes means for creating, storing, and performing the basic operations for S(b)-trees. The
more » ... S(b)-trees. The library documentation, source code, and executables are available at
doi:10.1090/dimacs/050/11 dblp:conf/dimacs/Shvachko98 fatcat:wmnafwjsjnhpvcbm4gc3woi5pi