Phylogenetic analysis and distribution of far eastern tick-borne encephalitis virus subtype (Flaviridae, Flavirus, TBEV-FE) from Asia

G. N. Leonova, S. I. Belikov
2019 Voprosy virusologii  
To date, a lot of data on molecular genetic characteristics of different tick-borne encephalitis virus strains has appeared. Only on the basis of the E protein genome, sequences of about 1,500 TBEV strains were registered in GenBank.The purpose of the work – revision and comparative analysis of data on complete genomes sequences of the Far Eastern subtype of TBE virus strains distributed in the Asian part of Eurasian continent.Material and methods. The data on the complete genomes of 84 strains
more » ... nomes of 84 strains of TBEV isolated in Asia were used; phylogenetic analysis was performed.Results and discussion: it was shown that variants of the TBEV of the Far Eastern subtype are circulating here and form three separate clusters (Sofjin, Senzhang- и Shkotovo-like strains). Sofjin strain (Sofjin-1953, Sofjin-Chumakov, Sofjin-KSY) was considered to be the reference for Far Eastern TBE virus subtype strains and a cluster of Sofjin-like strains. Sofjin-like strains were not found in China and Japan, but widely distributed throughout the area of Primorsky and Khabarovsk krai. The group of Senzhang-like strains was distributed in China, Eastern Siberia, Khabarovsk krai and northern Primorsky krai, but was not found in Japan (Hokkaido). According to molecular genetic characteristics the youngest and more genetically homogeneous group was the Shkotovo-like strains, isolated in the southern part of Primorsky krai, however not found on Hokkaido Island (Japan).Conclusion: revision of the complete genome characteristics of TBEV strains revealed the features of micro-evolutionary process of viral populations in the Asian part of Eurasia, show the individual affection of strains to certain territories, as well as detect random finds of such strains in the territories of other natural foci.
doi:10.36233/0507-4088-2019-64-5-250-256 pmid:32167691 fatcat:2gwkdlyutbcndhclz5bbsq5m3i