Study of the Influences of Transient Crack Propagation in a Pinion on Time-Varying Mesh Stiffness

Youmin Hu, Jikai Fan, Jin Yu
2016 Shock and Vibration  
Cracks in a cracked gear may further propagate by a tiny length in a very short time for several reasons, such as material fatigue and load fluctuations. In this paper, this dynamic process is defined as transient propagation of cracks. This research aims to calculate the time-varying mesh stiffness of gears when transient propagation of cracks arises, which has not been extensively studied in existing literatures. The transient propagation of cracks is modelled. An improved potential energy
more » ... hod is proposed by incorporating the propagation model into the potential energy method. The improved method can also be utilised to calculate the mesh stiffness of gears when transient propagation of cracks arises. Different transient propagation models are considered to simulate the propagation of cracks in a short amount of time. Different deterioration levels of cracks before transient propagation and different lengths and models of transient propagation are also examined. The variation rules of mesh stiffness caused by the transient propagation of cracks are summarised. The influence of the deterioration level of cracks on mesh stiffness variation when transient propagation arises is obtained. Simulation results show that the proposed method accurately calculates time-varying mesh stiffness when transient propagation of cracks arises. Furthermore, the method improves the monitoring of further propagation of cracks in gears from the perspective of time-varying mesh stiffness.
doi:10.1155/2016/6928686 fatcat:tatrbbthovgufg7o2ybubgj7t4