Restoring esthetics of proclined and discolored maxillary incisors with all-ceramic crowns

Yogesh Ingole, Suryakant Deogade, Assistant Professor
IP Annals of Prosthodontics & Restorative Dentistry   unpublished
Proclined or flared maxillary incisors are difficult to restore in terms of esthetics as these are the most prominent teeth in the mouth. It requires an artistic and technical abilities and a thorough knowledge of the smile design principles about proportion, symmetry, harmony and anatomical morphology. Multidisciplinary teamwork can reestablish a satisfactory esthetics improving psychological status of the patient. Metal-ceramic crowns can allow for highly esthetic solutions in such cases
more » ... cting proclined teeth approximating them to more correct shapes. This case report presents a multidisciplinary treatment of flared maxillary incisors with all-ceramic crowns to achieve optimum esthetics and function.