Aristotle on Friendship and Philosophy [Amistad y filosofía según Aristóteles]

David Torrijos Castrillejo
2019 Zenodo  
This paper concentrates on friendship as the best context to philosophize. Although Aristotle says that even alone a person could contemplate the truth, it is possible to argue that a philosophical society is indeed necessary for human beings. In every friendship, it is necessary to share certain activities and, at the same time, notice the presence of the friend. In philosophical friendship, the shared activity is philosophy itself and mutual knowledge among friends acquires a peculiar
more » ... a peculiar character, because everyone does not only consider the truth with the friend but also he thinks about it as shared with the friend. To teach philosophy represents a kind of unequal friendship, because teachers give to the disciples the great good of knowledge. Further, the paper argues that Aristotelian friendship could not be understood in a narcissistic way, since friends are loved because of their uniqueness and their personal character.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3593997 fatcat:mkazzm6mqvd2bero3jq44dlvki