Investigation of partially coherent interaction in fiber Bragg grating stabilized 980-nm pump modules

Jingcong Wang, D.T. Cassidy
2004 IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics  
Partially coherent interaction of the feedback light with the field in the laser cavity is affirmed with the fiber Bragg grating (FBG) stabilized 980-nm pump lasers, on the contrast of normally accepted totally incoherent state of operation in the "coherence collapse" regime. Coherence parameter y was defined in this paper to identify the fraction of feedback light working coherently. It is shown that y can be determined by fitting the measured power-difference versus pumping-rate curve to the
more » ... imulation results. Experiments confirm that coherence parameter y decreases while the distance between the FBG and the laser facet increases, and vice versa. While, if the device is kept operating in the "coherence-collapse" regime, y would not change with the amount of feedback. This work will be help to improve the performance of the high power FBG stabilized 980-nm pump laser. iv
doi:10.1109/jqe.2004.828233 fatcat:xisonybaz5eg3j5bm4j6myscli