Medical image segmentation using deep learning: A survey

Risheng Wang, Tao Lei, Ruixia Cui, Bingtao Zhang, Hongying Meng, Asoke K. Nandi
2022 IET Image Processing  
Deep learning has been widely used for medical image segmentation and a large number of papers has been presented recording the success of deep learning in the field. A comprehensive thematic survey on medical image segmentation using deep learning techniques is presented. This paper makes two original contributions. Firstly, compared to traditional surveys that directly divide literatures of deep learning on medical image segmentation into many groups and introduce literatures in detail for
more » ... h group, we classify currently popular literatures according to a multi-level structure from coarse to fine. Secondly, this paper focuses on supervised and weakly supervised learning approaches, without including unsupervised approaches since they have been introduced in many old surveys and they are not popular currently. For supervised learning approaches, we analyse literatures in three aspects: the selection of backbone networks, the design of network blocks, and the improvement of loss functions. For weakly supervised learning approaches, we investigate literature according to data augmentation, transfer learning, and interactive segmentation, separately. Compared to existing surveys, this survey classifies the literatures very differently from before and is more convenient for readers to understand the relevant rationale and will guide them to think of appropriate improvements in medical image segmentation based on deep learning approaches.
doi:10.1049/ipr2.12419 fatcat:zvgj3vdzqbfbzjoglgmtnn6ukq