Generalized boundary conditions for general relativity for the asymptotically flat case in terms of Ashtekar's variables

T Thiemann
1995 Classical and quantum gravity  
There is a gap that has been left open since the formulation of general relativity in terms of Ashtekar's new variables namely the treatment of asymptotically flat field configurations that are general enough to be able to define the generators of the Lorentz subgroup of the asymptotical Poincar\'e group. While such a formulation already exists for the old geometrodynamical variables, up to now only the generators of the translation subgroup could be defined because the function spaces of the
more » ... elds considered earlier are taken too special. The transcription of the framework from the ADM variables to Ashtekar's variables turns out not to be straightforward due to the a priori freedom to choose the internal SO(3) frame at spatial infinity and due to the fact that the non-trivial reality conditions of the Ashtekar framework reenter the stage when imposing suitable boundary conditions on the fields and the Lagrange multipliers.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/12/1/016 fatcat:4fkspottrfgjxmgxvzy6macv6m