The Small‐Scale Structure of the Magellanic Stream

Snežana Stanimirović, John M. Dickey, Marko Krčo, Alyson M. Brooks
2002 Astrophysical Journal  
We have mapped in neutral hydrogen (HI) two regions at the northern tip of the Magellanic Stream, known as MS V and MS VI, using the Arecibo telescope. The small-scale structure of the MS shows clumpy and head-tail morphology. The spatial power spectrum of this star-free intergalactic medium has a power-law behavior with the density slope of -3.8. A gradual steepening of the power-law slope is seen when increasing the thickness of velocity slices.
doi:10.1086/341892 fatcat:cvhapkhykrbbbij7te4d2c2i6a