Research on InGaN/GaN solar cells using Thoma Swan CCS-MOCVD system

Tongwei Yu, Yuqiu Sui, Xu Huang, Chenggang Wang
2014 Proceedings of the International Conference on Logistics, Engineering, Management and Computer Science   unpublished
Two InGaN/GaN MQWs samples were grown with two different showerhead gap position 13 and 25 mm, using Thoma Swan CCS-MOCVD system, in order to study the effect of showerhead gap position on the growth of InGaN/GaN MQWs. Through the measurement results, we find that the surface morphology, interface quality, thickness of QB and QW, In composition and PL spectrum of samples are all change significantly. This can attributes to the change of temperature field, flow field and concentration field in
more » ... ntration field in the reactor due to the different showerhead gap position. Moreover, the showerhead gap position also affect the pre-reaction in the reactor, which result in converting the thickness of QB, QW and In composition. Consequently, it make the PL spectrum different.
doi:10.2991/lemcs-14.2014.263 fatcat:xsbn6lbq7jdpzdwaqxurcqlafq