The Necessity of re-correcting Katebi Neishaburi's Divan of Ghazals

Bahram Bashiri, Rostam Amani, Hamidreza Farzi
2018 Textual Criticism of Persian Literature  
Katebi Nieshaburi is one of the famous poets of ninth century AH and is a pioneer of the Indian style. His divan (collection) of Ghazals (sonnets) has been corrected and published only once using a limited number of manuscripts. The published divan of sonnets of Katebi does not include all of his sonnets; so that there are 124 sonnets more than published version in other manuscripts that the correctors have not used them. In addition to the corrected divan, there are shortcomings that
more » ... e re-correction of this divan. There are defects such as lack of complete introduction and tables of content, lack of a section called glosses, incorrectness of the alphabetic order of sonnets for easy reference, existence of mistypes, missing words and incorrect refrains and so on, which necessitate exact correction of this eminent poet for eliminating these shortcomings. The purpose of this paper is to elaborate on the dimensions the defects of the Katebi' published divan and to provide a context for improvement. To correct the problems in divan, seven new manuscripts were not used by the correctors. Because none of the manuscripts is significant in terms of accuracy, dating, and completeness over the other, problems in the published version of divan have been corrected by the eclectic method.
doi:10.22108/rpll.2018.109455.1273 doaj:950ee58d0dc24045ba47fcbe722ff81e fatcat:h6is34wjynbkji5rfrs6dydcye