Study on the Production effect and Prevention Index of the Forthputting of Sonsau Cocuus Sinensis Chen on the Pinus Tabulaeformis

Fu Guozan, Fu Hansi, Zhang Qingrui, Peng Xinglong
2015 Proceedings of the AASRI International Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (2015)   unpublished
The growth of Pinus tabulaeformis is influenced by the sonsau cocuus sinensis chen. When the insect density is more than 300-350 head/hundred beam conifer, sonsau cocuus sinensis chen occurred significantly influence the Pinus tabulaeformis′s growth. When the insect density reached 250-300 head/100 beam coniferous, sonsau cocuus sinensis chen significantly influence the accumulation of Pinus tabulaeformis volume. To determine the sonsau cocuus sinensis chen 2nd instar nymph theory control index
more » ... was 220.5 /hundred beam needles has a guiding significance to the production practice.
doi:10.2991/iea-15.2015.178 fatcat:hurj726fk5gb3p2zrnmmda2bzy