PossibleS-wave bound-states of two pseudoscalar mesons

Yin-Jie Zhang, Huan-Ching Chiang, Peng-Nian Shen, Bing-Song Zou
2006 Physical Review D  
Using the potentials derived from vector-meson-exchanges, the KK̅, DK, BK̅, DD̅, BB̅, BD, D̅ K, BK and BD̅ systems are studied. Possible S-wave bound-states of two pseudoscalar mesons are discussed. We find that systems of DB, DD̅, BB̅ and DK with isospin 0 are likely to form S-wave bound states via strong interactions while the others are unlikely to be bound by the strong interaction sector alone. With the Coulomb potential, the K^+K^- system can form an atomic bound state - the kaonium. The
more » ... nfluence of the one-meson-exchange potential on the ground state energy of the kaonium and its decay widths to ππ and πη are evaluated.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.74.014013 fatcat:es2uy6ioazh5jnzvoprsc7xvde