Amelioration of lead induced changes in the testes of sprague-dawley rats, by methanol extract of Telfaria occidentalis

B.A. Falana, W.M. Adekeye, S.O. Adeleke
2019 Anatomy journal of Africa  
The prevalence of infertility due to industrial, environmental and pharmaceutical toxins induced by lead in Nigeria and in developing countries is alarming. The use of medicinal plants as fertility enhancer in human is now in the increase because of the shifting of attention from synthetic drugs to natural plants. Thus, this study investigated the effect of methanolic extract of Telfairia occidentalis on (Pb) lead-induced testicular damage in adult male Sprague-Dawley rats. Twenty-four (24)
more » ... wenty-four (24) Sprague dawley (SD) rats with average weight of 130g were randomly divided into four groups of six animals each. Group A served as the control group administered normal saline. Group B received 75mg/kg body weight of lead (Pb) as Lead nitrate only. Group C received 75mg/kg body weight of lead (Pb) and 300mg/kg body weight of methanolic extract of Telfairia Occidentalis, while Group D receive 300mg/kg body weight of methanolic extract of Telfairia Occidentalis only. Administration was via oral canula and the animals were sacrificed on 15th day. Blood samples were obtained via the left ocular sinus for haematological and hormonal studies while the testes and epididymis were removed and fixed in Bouin's fluid for histological analysis. Administration of Telfairia Occidentalis improves testicular testosterone and PCV levels and also restored the histoarchitecture of the testes in SD rats. It is therefore suggested that the antioxidant potential of this wonder plant may have beneficial effects in treating male factor infertility as shown in this present study.Keywords: Male infertility, Telfairia occidentalis, Lead (Pb), Antioxidants
doi:10.4314/aja.v8i2.189705 fatcat:ymjsqz6akjf6xpezylwdzx3shi