A case of Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

Ryonosuke YOSHIMURA, Susumu FUJIYAMA, Hideo NAKAZAWA, Shigeyoshi HARIHARA, Takeyuki MONNA, Sukeo YAMAMOTO, Yoshikazu YAMAZAKI, Hiroshi NAKAMORI, Tadashi SUGAWA
1976 Kanzo  
A-25-year-old multiparous woman had acute fatty liverof pregnancy on admisson. Soon after delivery due to premature separation of placenta, icterus, hemorrhagic tendency, and acute renal failure with delirium develoPed. It became apparent that she was suffering from DIC by the various clinical manifestations and laboratory findings. Because of oliguria and azotemia, peritoneal dialysis was carried out fornine days. After dialysis, her general condition was improved rapidly and coagulation
more » ... alities returned to normal values. Biopsy under direct view of laparoscopy was perfbrmedon the 30th hospital days and it revealed diffuse fine droplet of fatty infiltration of hepatocytes with no necrosis and inflammatory changes. Acorrding to this report, we emphasize the need fbr recognition and therapy for the extrahepatic manifestations. The possibility that themultisystem involvement of this disease was related to the presence of DIC was suggestive.
doi:10.2957/kanzo.17.691 fatcat:js6hsozisbcyrc6qoxn57t3nxa