О.К. Касымов
2018 №2(43) (2018)  
Issues of small business development and its impact on population welfare standards at various stages of independent economic country development have been examined in this article. It has assessed the role of small business in formation of the broad group of small owners that independently providing their welfare standards and worthy quality of life for their family members. Three stages of small business formation have specified, considerable growth trend of entities and expansion of spheres
more » ... pansion of spheres and fields wherein small entrepreneurial activity is operating on a patent basis have identified. It was defined that upon reducing the number of small business entities in the form of enterprise, the number of entities — individual entrepreneurs operating on a patent basis shall increase. Small business development and on this base formation of small economy sector of the region increasingly turn to necessary condition for solving a complex of complicated socio-economic issues associated with raising the quality and living standards and ensuring the sustainable livelihoods of the population. Quantitative and qualitative impact of small business growth and expansion on welfare improvement of ever-greater number of people shall be possible upon decentralization of management of socio-economic development processes of rural areas. In this regard, the necessity of new model formation of jamoat management through entitling the right to form and use its own social and economic development fund of jamoat has justified in article, the purpose of which is to concentrate the funds and use them effectively for their intended purposes in the direction of improving the well-being of the community, people living in rural areas.
doi:10.25683/volbi.2018.44.368 fatcat:poy7gfy565dftojm7a7mekkuyq