A scoring manual for literalness in proverb interpretation

Chris A. Hertler, Loren J. Chapman, Jean P. Chapman
1978 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology  
A scoring system is offered for literalness of proverb interpretation as an alternative to scoring concreteness. For a group of 115 schizophrenic and normal subjects, literalness and Gorham's concreteness were equivalent on coefficient alpha (.85 for literalness and .84 for concreteness). Interrater reliability was .90 for both scoring systems. Nevertheless, abstraction correlated lower (p < .01) with literalness than with concreteness. For 77 schizophrenics, Verbal IQ correlated significantly
more » ... ated significantly with concreteness (r = -.52, p < .01) but not with literalness (r --.15, ns). Thus, literalness is less affected by intelligence and by ability to respond abstractly than is Gorham's concreteness.
doi:10.1037/0022-006x.46.3.551 fatcat:aw7xskvbkzbinkfvs3txtxxyd4