Colour screening, quark propagation in nuclear matter and the broadening of the momentum distribution of Drell-Yan pairs

J. Dolejší, J. Hüfner, B.Z. Kopeliovich
1993 Physics Letters B  
We calculate the broadening of the transverse momentum distribution of a quark propagating through nuclear matter. Colour screening plays a fundamental role in that it cuts off quark-nucleon interactions with soft gluons. The mean transverse momentum of the quark acquired along its trajectory, observed via Drell-Yan pairs, is related to it the ratio of the total inelastic meson-nucleon cross section it to the meson mean squared radius. Parameter-free calculations agree with the data.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(93)90517-l fatcat:u6h37vbkfjd4ndw5laroev5kti