The influence of beam delivery uncertainty on dose uniformity and penumbra for pencil beam scanning in carbon-ion radiotherapy

Yue Li, Yunzhe Gao, Xinguo Liu, Jian Shi, Jiawen Xia, Jiancheng Yang, Lijun Mao, Qinghui Zhang
2021 PLoS ONE  
The dose uniformity and penumbra in the treatment field are important factors in radiotherapy, which affects the outcomes of radiotherapy. In this study, the integrated depth-dose-distributions (IDDDs) of 190 MeV/u and 260 MeV/u carbon beams in the active spot-scanning delivery system were measured and calculated by FLUKA Monte Carlo simulation based on the Heavy Ion Medical Machine (HIMM). Considering the dose distributions caused by secondary particles and scattering, we also used different
more » ... so used different types of pencil beam (PB) models to fit and compare the spatial distributions of PB. We superposed a bunch of PB to form a 20×20 cm2 treatment field with the double Gaussian and double Gaussian logistic beam models and calculated the influence of beam delivery error on the field flatness and penumbra, respectively. The simulated IDDDs showed good agreement with the measured values. The triple Gaussian and double Gaussian logistic beam models have good fitness to the simulated dose distributions. There are different influences on dose uniformity and penumbra resulting from beam uncertainties. These results would be helpful for understanding carbon ion therapy, and physical therapists are more familiar with beam characteristics for active scanning therapy, which provides a reference for commissioning and optimization of treatment plans in radiotherapy.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0249452 pmid:33793680 fatcat:b5lyzf4sfjfzrdnjneec5sdo7y