Application of superlattice multipliers for high-resolution terahertz spectroscopy

C. P. Endres, F. Lewen, T. F. Giesen, S. Schlemmer, D. G. Paveliev, Y. I. Koschurinov, V. M. Ustinov, A. E. Zhucov
2007 Review of Scientific Instruments  
Frequency multipliers based on superlattice ͑SL͒ devices as nonlinear elements have been developed as radiation sources for a terahertz ͑THz͒ laboratory spectrometer. Input frequencies of 100 and 250 GHz from backward wave oscillators have been multiplied up to the 11th harmonic, producing usable frequencies up to 2.7 THz. Even at these high frequencies the output power is sufficient for laboratory spectroscopy. Comparisons to conventional high-resolution microwave spectroscopy methods reveal
more » ... py methods reveal several superior features of this new device such as very high line frequency accuracies, broadband tunability, high output power levels at odd harmonics of the input frequency up to high orders, and a robust applicability.
doi:10.1063/1.2722401 pmid:17477648 fatcat:x6aitpn4nzfk5jjowt3y22bi3a