Monoclonal Antibodies to H-2 and Ia Antigens

V. T. Oi, J. W. Goding, P. P. Jones, L. A. Herzenberg, L. A. Herzenberg
1978 Journal of Immunology  
Seven stable hybrid cell lines producing monoclonal IgG antibodies reacting with H-2 and Ia antigens have been established. The lines were obtained by fusing NS-1, a nonsecreting variant of MOPC-21 (Köhler, G., Howe, S. C., and Milstein, C., Eur. J. Immunol. 1976. 6: 292) with spleen cells from either BALB/c or C3H.SW.Igb (CWB) mice that had been immunized with H-2k haplotype spleen cells. One of the monoclonal antibodies reacts with H-2Kk determinants; the remaining six react with determinants
more » ... mapping to the I-Ak subregion. The antigens bound by the anti-I-Ak antibodies were analyzed by two-dimensional electrophoresis and were found to consist of the same polypeptide chains as are precipitated by anti-I-Ak alloantisera. The Ia antigenic determinants recognized by these monoclonal antibodies and their presence on lymphocyte subpopulations have been characterized by 125I-binding assays, complement-mediated cytotoxicity, and immunofluorescence, by using the fluorescence-activated cell sorter (FACS).
doi:10.4049/jimmunol.121.4.1606.b fatcat:eqmyjrzkc5elpk3mcf3ekc7wb4