Novel design of sodium alginate based absorbable stent for the use in urethral stricture disease

Tomasz Klekiel, Agnieszka Mackiewicz, Agnieszka Kaczmarek-Pawelska, Joanna Skonieczna, Jagoda Kurowiak, Tomasz Piasecki, Agnieszka Noszczyk-Nowak, Romuald Będziński
2020 Journal of Materials Research and Technology  
j m a t e r r e s t e c h n o l . 2 0 2 0;9(x x):9004-9015 w w w . j m r t . c o m . b r Finite element method Urinary flow Stents of urethra Urethral stenosis Hydrogel a b s t r a c t The paper contains the results of the analysis of sodium alginate use as a material for making urethral stents, necessary for the treatment of urinary disorders. Strength tests of the material were carried out, analyzing the characteristics of the material in terms of its interaction with the urethra. The
more » ... rethra. The characteristics of the urethra, which is characterized by large deformations, were investigated experimentally. Based on the results of the experiments, geometric dimensions of the stent were developed. According to the results obtained, stent structure was developed, which was implanted into the rabbit urethra. The in vivo study confirmed the assumptions. The implanted stent was effectively and without damage expanded inside the urethra within the assumed diameter variation limits, free flow of urine during the urination was obtained after the implantation, and the proposed design fulfilled the strength assumptions resulting from the pressure of the urethra walls on the stent surface.
doi:10.1016/j.jmrt.2020.06.047 fatcat:32t5k5znrfgnnag6bjfufdkcvq