Current flow past an etched barrier: field emission from a two-dimensional electron gas

D. H Cobden, G Pilling, R Parthasarathy, P. L McEuen, I. M Castleton, E. H Linfield, D. A Ritchie, G. A. C Jones
1998 Europhysics letters  
We find that, under appropriate conditions, electrons can pass a barrier etched across a two dimensional electron gas (2DEG) by field emission from the GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunction into a second, low-density 2DEG formed deep in the substrate. The current-voltage characteristics exhibit a rapid increase in the current at the field emission threshold and intrinsic bistability above this threshold, consistent with a heating instability occurring in the second 2DEG. These results may explain similar
more » ... ehaviour recently seen in a number of front-gated devices by several groups.
doi:10.1209/epl/i1998-00151-4 fatcat:z3xn67z66rajfpe3ihomfj64oe