Is YKL-40 (CHI3-L1) a new possible biomarker prognosticator in high grade glioma?

A. Oslobanu, St.I. Florian
2015 Romanian Neurosurgery  
A biomarker is "a naturally occurring molecule, gene, or characteristic by which a particular pathological or physiological process, disease, etc. can be identified" and it could be used a measurable indicator for the presence or severity of disease state. YKL-40 is a secreted glycoprotein associated with extracellular matrix, a member of the mammalian chitinase-like proteins that is expressed in a several types of solid tumors. Although the implication of this biomarker in tissue remodeling
more » ... issue remodeling processes or the role in cancer cell proliferation, invasiveness, angiogenesis, and remodeling of the extracellular matrix is going to be well recognized, the regulation and role in glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) progression remains unknown. Using the serum level of YKL-40 as a single screening test in cancer cannot be used, but in association with other tumoral biomarkers and imaging techniques can be a useful tool as a "prognosticator." Moreover, elucidation of the YKL-40 functions could be an attractive target for antitumor therapy.
doi:10.1515/romneu-2015-0033 fatcat:cxpaiylno5au5cgwjvjaksdjvq