Original Article A comparative study on the use of different connectors in tube sealing in elderly tumor patients with PICC

Mei Zhang, Linying Kang, Qianyun Li
2017 Int J Clin Exp Med   unpublished
Objective: To compare the therapeutic efficacy of heparin cap and clave connector in tube sealing of PICC in elderly patients with tumor. Methods: One hundred and sixty cases of elderly patients with PICC placement were selected and randomly divided into control group and experimental group with 80 cases respectively. The catheters in control group were sealed with heparin cap while the catheters in experimental group were sealed with clave connector. The tube-plugging rate, phlebitis, catheter
more » ... indwelling time, infection rate and so on were respectively compared between these two groups. Results: Compared with the control group, the application of clave connec-tor significantly reduced the rate of tube-plugging (P=0.0035), phlebitis (P=0.0027) and infection (P=0.0041), and prolonged catheter indwelling time (P<0.01). Conclusion: The efficacy of clave connector in tube sealing was significantly better than heparin cap for patients with PICC placement. And clave connector, with simple, safe and convenient operational procedure, was worthy of promotion in clinical application.