Suppressors of an Arabidopsis thaliana phyB Mutation Identify Genes That Control Light Signaling and Hypocotyl Elongation

Jason W Reed, Rangasamy P Elumalai, Joanne Chory
1998 Genetics  
Ambient light controls the development and physiology of plants. The Arabidopsis thaliana photoreceptor phytochrome B (PHYB) regulates developmental light responses at both seedling and adult stages. To identify genes that mediate control of development by light, we screened for suppressors of the long hypocotyl phenotype caused by a phyB mutation. Genetic analyses show that the shy (short hypocotyl) mutations we have isolated fall in several loci. Phenotypes of the mutants suggest that some of
more » ... uggest that some of the genes identified have functions in control of light responses. Other loci specifically affect cell elongation or expansion.
doi:10.1093/genetics/148.3.1295 fatcat:eied2yv6o5cjlj7f7sqtvnctom