The contextual search in the landscape space of the school and manor building

Lolita Hercoga, Aija Ziemeļniece
2018 Landscape architecture and art  
The research deals with the adaptation of the historic manor parks to the needs of schools. In the past hundred years since the founding of schools in the old manor palaces or the lords' houses, a new functional load is brought not only into the historic buildings but also in the old manor park. Most often it is attributable to destroying of the compositional structure of the park, creating a new path network, areas, and individual elements that are not subordinated to the historical sight
more » ... and the structure of the landscape space. This includes important criteria not to lose the scale of the historic parks and the conformity of the stylistic trends of the 18th and 19th centuries. During the last hundred years, only some of the manor parks have undergone the landscape study and development of the documentation but due to the lack of funding the project is not implemented. This has contributed to the creation of separate zones in the manor parks with a random character, which further adds to the lack of professional expertise in the maintenance of the park. A large part of the work to be done will fall on the shoulders of the local government or private owners. Considering the statistics that the number of schools in rural areas runs low, it is possible that the historical legacy comes into the hands of conscious owners, who will devote considerable efforts in the maintenance of the old parks.
doi:10.22616/j.landarchart.2017.11.07 fatcat:oz3hlppwojbhvdtyhxjx2rjfei