Operative delivery in pregnant women with asthma

Olga V. Lavrova, Elena A. Shapovalova, Yulia R. Dymarskaya, Dmitry S. Sudakov, Anna V. Paliychuk
2019 Journal of obstetrics and women s diseases  
Hypothesis/aims of study. Asthma is the most common chronic disease of the respiratory system in women during pregnancy. Numerous studies show an increased frequency of all complications of pregnancy and delivery by cesarean section in women with asthma. Such delivery is reported to be observed more often in patients with severe asthma and asthma exacerbations during gestation. There are conflicting data showing that the use of asthma medication increases the risk of complications of pregnancy
more » ... nd childbirth. This study aimed at analyzing the frequency of cesarean section in patients with asthma, depending on the severity, course, and control of the disease. Study design, materials and methods. This retrospective study involved data of 170 patients with varying severity and control of asthma, who were under the supervision of a pulmonologist from the first trimester of pregnancy. According to the severity of asthma, patients were divided into subgroups with mild intermittent, mild persistent, and moderate and severe course of the disease. The control group was represented by 30 patients who did not suffer from any pulmonary and allergic diseases. Results. The cesarean delivery rate in patients with asthma in the whole group was significantly higher than in patients of the control group. Exacerbation of asthma during pregnancy significantly increases the frequency of abdominal operative delivery, and the use of modern drugs to achieve control of asthma during pregnancy has a positive effect and is associated with a lower birth rate by cesarean section. Conclusion. The active simultaneous management of pulmonary problems in pregnant women allows timely and adequate therapeutic measures aimed to achieve control of asthma during pregnancy, thereby reducing obstetric and perinatal risks, including those associated with the method of delivery.
doi:10.17816/jowd68419-26 fatcat:xydl5g3dcvcknahdu4kxv27fdu