An Evaluation of ISO 22000 Food Safety Standards Awareness and Implementation in Zimbabwean Branded Fast Food Outlets: Customer, Employee and Management Perspectives

Abigail Chivandi, Eugine Tafadzwa, Maziriri
2017 African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure   unpublished
Globally branded fast food outlets, whose services are usually linked to specific brand images, are expected to provide quality services and adhere to quality standards as stipulated by the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO). In branded fast foods outlets and in entities that handle food, the ISO 22000 is used as an international measurement of quality. Branded fast food outlets must adhere to the rules and regulations of the ISO 22000 standard. Zimbabwe's economy has been on the
more » ... my has been on the decline from around the late 1990s and hit rock bottom in 2008. The economic decline impacted service quality. Decline in service quality in branded fast foods directly compromises customer health hence this study sought to assess the levels of awareness and implementation and management's views regarding the usefulness of ISO 22000 certification in addition to determining employee and customer awareness of the quality statute. While management sentiment suggested ISO certification was important with regards to meeting customer's expectations, improving operational efficiency and usefulness as a marketing tool, they seemed to think the ISO 22000 certification did not positively impact food safety as such. Employee sentiments suggested that despite the majority of them having been trained in regard to the ISO 22000 standard, very little if any, of the training and or certification had translated into improved safety at work.