Increased High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), Defective Hepatic Catabolism of ApoA-I and ApoA-II, and Decreased ApoA-I mRNA inob/obMice

David L. Silver, Xian-cheng Jiang, Alan R. Tall
1999 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Abnormalities of plasma high density lipoprotein (HDL) levels commonly reflect altered metabolism of the major HDL apolipoproteins, apoA-I and apoA-II, but the regulation of apolipoprotein metabolism is poorly understood. Two mouse models of obesity, ob/ob and db/db, have markedly increased plasma HDL cholesterol levels. The purpose of this study was to evaluate mechanisms responsible for increased HDL in ob/ob mice and to assess potential reversibility by leptin administration. ob/ob mice were
more » ... found to have increased HDL cholesterol (2-fold), apoA-I (1.3-fold), and apoA-II (4-fold). ApoA-I mRNA was markedly decreased (to 25% of wildtype) and apoA-II mRNA was unchanged, suggesting a defect in HDL catabolism. HDL apoprotein turnover studies using nondegradable radiolabels confirmed a decrease in catabolism of apoA-I and apoA-II and a 4-fold decrease in hepatic uptake in ob/ob mice compared with wild-type, but similar renal uptake. Low dose leptin treatment markedly lowered HDL cholesterol and apoA-II levels in both ob/ob mice and in lean wild-type mice, and it restored apoA-I mRNA to normal levels in ob/ob mice. These changes occurred without significant alteration in body weight. Moreover, ob/ob neuropeptide Y ؊/؊ mice, despite marked attenuation of diabetes and obesity phenotypes, showed no change in HDL cholesterol levels relative to ob/ob mice. Thus, increased HDL levels in ob/ob mice reflect a marked hepatic catabolic defect for apoA-I and apoA-II. In the case of apoA-I, this is offset by decreased apoA-I mRNA, resulting in apoA-II-rich HDL particles. The studies reveal a specific HDL particle catabolic pathway that is downregulated in ob/ob mice and suggest that HDL apolipoprotein turnover may be regulated by obesity and/or leptin signaling.
doi:10.1074/jbc.274.7.4140 pmid:9933608 fatcat:xssorlxmirawtfebm34huqp64y