Transverse Kerker Effect in All-Dielectric Spheroidal Particles [post]

Mikhail M. Bukharin, Vladimir Ya. Pecherkin, Anar K. Ospanova, Vladimir B. Il'in, Leonid M. Vasilyak, Alexey A. Basharin, Boris Luk'yanchuk
2021 unpublished
Kerker effect is one of the unique phenomena in modern electrodynamics. Due to overlapping of electric and magnetic dipole moments, all-dielectric particles can be invisible in forward or backward directions. In our paper we propose new conditions between resonantly excited electric dipole and magnetic quadrupole in ceramic high index spheroidal particle for demonstrating transverse Kerker effect. Moreover, we perform proof-of-concept microwave experiment and demonstrate dumbbell radiation
more » ... rn with suppressed scattering in both forward and backward direction and enhanced scattering in lateral direction. Our concept is promising for future planar lasers, nonreflected metasurface and laterally excited waveguides and nanoantennas.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:qvlbkx246nfavghkoboleejsge