Contents of HSP60 and HSP70 in tumor tissues of patients with bladder cancer

V. Dmytryk, Y. Zinkova, O. Savchuk
2019 Vestnik Kievskogo nacionalnogo universiteta imeni Tarasa Ševčenko  
Bladder cancer (BC) continues to be a disease with a high mortality rate. BC is the 9th most frequently diagnosed cancer in the world. According to statistics, the largest number of patients with BC patients in developed countries. About 75 % of patients are men. Various molecules have been identified as potential prognostic indicators and/or targets for a given disease. However, the search for targets for the treatment and prevention of BC remains relevant. Recently, studies have been
more » ... on the participation of heat shock proteins (HSPs) in malignant neoplasms. In which high expression of HSPs is associated with the protection of transformed cells and the blocking of apoptosis. Data on overexpression of HSPs have been published for a number of oncological diseases, including breast, cervical, colon, lung and prostate cancers. Recent studies have closely linked the level of HSPs expression with the subsequent prognosis of the disease. The aim of the work was to identify the dynamics of HSP70 and HSP60 in tumors and walls of a healthy bladder in BC patients, depending on the stage of cancer with the TNM classification, and also on the degree of cell differentiation. In our study, an increase in HSPs content in homogenates of tumors was found in comparison with samples of healthy bladder walls, that is, an increase in HSPs content may be associated with BC. An increase in the content HSP60 and HSP70 was noted, depending on the BC stage, as well as on the degree of cell differentiation. A high level of HSP expression can ensure the correct folding and membrane transport of products of oncogenes and anti-oncogenes. On the other hand, high synthesis of HSPs can regulate the process of protein degradation and quickly normalize protein metabolism in cancer cells, ensuring the rapid growth of malignant tumors.
doi:10.17721/1728_2748.2019.77.79-82 fatcat:e46harswy5c3znt5v6rmmkb6wa