Hybrid and Subexponential Linear Logics

Joëlle Despeyroux, Carlos Olarte, Elaine Pimentel
2017 Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  
HyLL (Hybrid Linear Logic) and SELL (Subexponential Linear Logic) are logical frameworks that have been extensively used for specifying systems that exhibit modalities such as temporal or spatial ones. Both frameworks have linear logic (LL) as a common ground and they admit (cut-free) complete focused proof systems. The difference relies on the way modalities are handled. In HyLL, truth judgments are labelled by worlds and hybrid connectives relate worlds with formulas. In SELL, the linear
more » ... exponentials (!, ?) are decorated with labels representing locations and an ordering on such labels defines the provability relation among resources in those locations. It is well known that SELL, as a logical framework, is strictly more expressive than LL. However, so far, it was not clear whether HyLL is more expressive than LL and/or SELL. In this paper, we show an encoding of the HyLL's logical rules into LL with the highest level of adequacy, hence showing that HyLL is as expressive as LL. We also propose an encoding of HyLL into SELL (SELL plus quantification over locations) that gives better insights about the meaning of worlds in HyLL. Finally, we show how to encode temporal operators of Computational Tree Logic (CTL) into LL with fixed point operators.
doi:10.1016/j.entcs.2017.04.007 fatcat:ov52p5wcmjcurlpnlcuznebccm