Thermodynamic and kinetic study on interfacial reaction and diamond graphitization of Cu—Fe-based diamond composite

Wen-Sheng Li, Jie Zhang, Hong-Feng Dong, Ke Chu, Shun-Cai Wang, Yi Liu, Ya-Ming Li
2013 Chinese Physics B  
Cu-Fe based diamond composites used for saw-blade segments are directly fabricated by vacuum and pressureassisted sintering. The carbide forming elements Cr and Ti are added to improve interfacial bonding between diamond and the Cu-Fe matrix. The interfacial reactions between diamond/graphite and Cr or Ti, and diamond graphitization are investigated by thermodynamics/kinetics analyses and experimental methods. The results show that interfacial reactions and graphitization of diamond can
more » ... cally proceed thermodynamically. The Cr 3 C 2 , Cr 7 C 3 , Cr 23 C 6 , and TiC are formed at the interfaces of composites by reactions between diamond and Cr or Ti; diamond graphitization does not occur because of the kinetic difficulty at 1093 K under the pressure of 13 MPa.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/22/1/018102 fatcat:5g5advwrirbwreq5lac2w2hab4