Patch Antenna Shape Design Using the Genetic Algorithm
유전 알고리즘을 이용한 패치 안테나 형상 설계

Sung Moon Song, Cheolwoong Kim, Heeseung Lee, Jeonghoon Yoo
2014 Transactions of the Society of Information Storage Systems  
This study deals with obtaining the optimal shape of a patch antenna via the topology optimization method in order to enhance its radiation efficiency. The genetic algorithm scheme is proposed for the optimization process to satisfy the design objective. As a result, the optimal patch shape through the proposed process shows highly improved radiation efficiency and reduced scattered effects. Commercial package COMSOL and Matlab programming are employed for the entire optimization and analysis processes.
doi:10.9797/tsiss.2014.10.2.045 fatcat:rpba2jqqy5eedmsuujouafhp7q