Compassion training: Towards a better understanding of patients through self-exposure

Sibylle Jeanine Felber, Seraina Petra Lerch, Daniel Bauer, Florence Liaudet, Steffen Eychmüller, Andrea Lörwald
An interdisciplinary team (medical education, psychology, communication and palliative care) designed and piloted an elective blended course with 1 day of classroom training to improve sixth-year medical students' compassion in patient-physician communication. The learning goals of the pilot included (a) understanding the role of compassion in the patient-physician relationship; (b) characterise the components of compassion; (c) reflecting one's own emotions and developing self-compassion
more » ... ques; (d) demonstrate understanding a patient's situation; and (e) developing a compassionate care plan together with the patient.
doi:10.48350/179347 fatcat:mltfkrl27fbknay6tpv3efl5bu