Informació i disseny

Jordi Manyà
1988 Temes de Disseny  
The aims of this paper is to analyse the contribution of the process of information on the development of an' idiosyncratic design culture, through artistic, architectural and engineering influences. With the development of new technologies, information has acquired an important role in social activity, but an excess of information has had a certain numbing effect on people's minds and their capacity for action. In a consumer society where the ways to sell and even to selfsell are of the
more » ... st importance, any informative activity becomes corrupted by publicity. The priority of image in today's communication makes industrial products depend on the fast consumption of visual experience. The information system of technology and design-emission sources, communication media and audiences must find a balance between publicity and cultural information. Knowledge does not only depend on information. To build a Design Culture -past, present and future-something more than news and images are needed. Theory is needed too. JORDI MANÀ Dissenyador professional d'ADI-FAD. Membre d'A.D.P. Membre de la Junta Rectora d'ADI-FAD. Delegat per Espanya a les Assemblees de l'I.C.S.l.D. a Barcelona (1971) i Brussel•les (1975).
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