Literature Review of Action Recognition in the Wild [article]

Asket Kaur, Navya Rao, Tanya Joon
<span title="2019-11-27">2019</span> <i > arXiv </i> &nbsp; <span class="release-stage" >pre-print</span>
The literature review presented below on Action Recognition in the wild is the in-depth study of Research Papers. Action Recognition problem in the untrimmed videos is a challenging task and most of the papers have tackled this problem using hand-crafted features with shallow learning techniques and sophisticated end-to-end deep learning techniques.
<span class="external-identifiers"> <a target="_blank" rel="external noopener" href="">arXiv:1911.12249v1</a> <a target="_blank" rel="external noopener" href="">fatcat:46qu4wtyqvhuxcomoymdd5owcm</a> </span>
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